December 10, 2015

DIY Geometric Themed Baby Shower // Oakland, California

One question I often get asked from my current clients, especially my Maternity and Wedding ones is why I don’t blog. Well, being a stay at home mom and working from home has its advantages in that I get to spend time with my baby girl and watch her grow. However it also has its disadvantages in that I have to be very strategic with my time; so when baby girl naps, I get to sit behind my desk and start editing shoots. Every day is different and some days she doesn’t nap long at all; other days she will give me a 3 hour stretch, which is good but barely gets me going. What between planning out my calendar, responding to emails from vendors, clients, working on my site (work-in-progress), trying to help out with the church plant, social media planning, house chores and errands, other side projects and trying to be a wife and also have a life – well, it gets a little overwhelming to say the least. But this post isn’t a how-to get your life back on track in 10 easy steps or my fail-proof guide at getting chic done, it’s actually a throwback post.

krispy kreme donuts DIY rice crispy treats

I realize I have a LOT of content that has yet to be posted or see the light of day so, why not post this cute little geometric themed baby shower I captured when I was just starting to venture as a business. The face may look familiar as she’s appeared on my blog once or twice before ;] When she started to plan the baby shower for Kiah, she knew she wanted an open space with lots of natural light, when we talked about events, we always swooned and opted for spaces with lots of light so the photos wouldn’t be compromised. Why spend so much time, money and effort if the photos turn out muddy and dark for lack of good light; this wasn’t something she wanted to compromise on, and I am so glad for it. Just look at this gorgeous space and how adorably she was able to fill it with all her geometric details to celebrate the coming of baby boy Kiah!


icing on the cake vanilla cake

Looking back at this cute shower, I never thought having a baby would feel as awesome as it currently does. Not only that but, I never imagined all of us having these particularly awesome babies filled with so much personality. It’s really amazing.

icing on the cake fresh banana cupcakes

diy blue and white dessert bar baby shower

geometric baby shower dessert bar

bay area geometric baby shower

DIY donut and dessert bar baby shower

succulent plants and colorful aztec rug

mid-century chairs and decor

yellow oversized balloons for baby shower

fruits and veggies platters for DIY baby shower

geometric baby shower advice cards

DIY geometric baby shower cards

DIY baby shower advise cards

blue and white geometric themed dessert table

Geometric shaped sugar cookies for baby shower

DIY geometric cookie for baby shower

DIY geometric baby shower by Yasmin Roohi Photography

bay area DIY geometric baby shower

Oakland California geometric baby shower

bay area geometric baby shower

bay area geometric baby shower

bay area geometric baby shower (1)