November 2, 2015

Logo Design // Elmira Saalabi

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This post really doesn’t need a lengthy introduction but, not too long ago I was approached by my uber talented sees, to help her rebrand her logo and do some new design work for her. ummm, are you kidding?! I jumped at the chance! Her style is really fun, bold and edgy – so it made it really easy to work with. She pulled work of inspiration from some of my favorite designers and the process started. I love doing logos because it gives you a chance to research and explore different fonts and type treatments. One of her inspirations came from the design house Here, who drew up The Palomar Restaurant‘s brand identity – clean sans-serif mixed with hand drawn script. the perfect mash-up and I’m a sucker for clean lines.

As we explored different styles of type and color, she was set on including an insignia. Since she’s a Graphic & Motion Designer, it was very important to her that the treatment felt like it was moving somehow. Of course, once handed to her, she was able to actually animate the whole thing and run with it. Needless to say, she’s my sister, the future auntie to our baby and a super talented Graphic & Motion Designer. If you need that done, holler at her and tell her I sent you ;]

ElmiraSaalabi_Brandidentity copy