October 21, 2015

Baby Roohi // Bay Area Maternity Photographer

I've been meaning to update the blog but wedding season has kept me pretty busy so stay tuned for all the goodies com in yup but - in the meantime, no better goodie than what I've lagged the most on announcing here on the blog. We are expecting purr own little bundle of joy in March of 2016. We really couldn't be more excited. We pray for her daily, and I think for the most part, I am still in sho ...

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October 17, 2015
Love Photography Wedding

Kelly + Tommy // Chardonnay Golf Club // Napa Wedding Photographer

I absolutely loved having the opportunity to second shoot this beautiful wedding at the Chardonnay Golf Club! This was one of my favorite venues yet, nestled in the beautiful Napa Valley. It's filled with luscious greenery, tons of rolling hills, and nooks and crannies for intimate couple portraits. I'm also a little biased about this wedding because we also had food trucks at our wedding! It was ...

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October 5, 2015

South Bay Wedding: Shannon + Alex // Saratoga Wedding Photographer

First: Linda Tran Photography Second: Yasmin Roohi Photography

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October 4, 2015
Photography Portraits

Rancho San Antonio // Family Mini Sessions

A friend of mine and I decided to partner up to offer cute Fall Mini Sessions, available for two dates only. The cool thing about Fall Mini Sessions is that you can team up with your daughter or son, or just have them be the center of attention. You will have these memories forever to cherish, plus how adorable are kids dressed up in costume? Even if you don't celebrate Halloween, Fall gives us al ...

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September 15, 2015
Photography Portraits

Jenny + Linda // Intimate Portrait Photographer

It's always super fun getting together with other creatives to nerd out over camera equipment, share stories and then, of course, take each other's photos! Because why not, right? This particular portrait session was fun for a few reasons. We all wanted new head shots in film format, plus what better way than to ask your super talented friends! Not too long ago - I reached out to Linda for mentor ...

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July 21, 2015
Engagements Lifestyle Photography Portraits

Saratoga Engagement Session: Lica and Mason

There is really nothing sweeter than when two people who truly love God and people happen to find each other, is there? Such is the case with these two lovebirds. I have known Lica for quite some time now and I was blessed to watch this journey unfold; but moreover I am blessed to have watched her personal journey unravel and begin its fruition phase. Lica is such a sweet soul and so full of love, ...

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