October 7, 2016


Bay Area Fall Holiday Mini SessionsYay! It’s that time again! Fall Minis are here, and we’ve got the perfect location for them! Yes, I’m so excited! First of all, I love this time of year. No, not because of PSL’s but because it’s Fall, which means the air gets a little cooler. Which means cozy blankets, oversized sweaters, and caramel apple ciders! yum, yum and yum!! All we’re missing is a cute little dog and a brand new fireplace. One day, right, babe?! ;] I also love Fall because it reminds me of growing up in Italy and starting to prep the house for Christmas. Yes, hate all you want but – I love all things Christmas. bring. it. on. And every year it feels like the actual Christmas season gets shorter and shorter, so I start early. ‘Cause why not, right?

And lastly I love Fall because I get to meet some pretty incredible babies, kids and families who are willing to trust me with their Holiday cards. How awesome is that?! Plus, I’ve been getting emails from past clients as well as new ones, so here we are! While I love weddings, there’s something so fun, intimate and totally joyous about capturing a family or a couple in love during this time. I don’t know, some photographers shy away from Fall mini sessions but, I actually look forward to them every year. It’s fun to get a location ready, chat about outfits (check out my Pinterest board for visual tips!) and watch the whole process unfold right down to printing the photos.

So without further ado; we have two dates available for now. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all.